Phoenix Sunset
Forge New Legends

We are a game studio at the beginning of our journey. Our quest is to build legendary experiences that bring players closer together, united in a sense of adventure, exploration, and fellowship. Our vision is to create a studio culture that brings together the most talented developers in the world to work on small teams - where everyone can be empowered, learn from each other, and have a large impact. Imagination will be our compass. Join us on the adventure of a lifetime.


We are expanding our tribe with developers who know that excellence is a journey, and that the best adventures are shared with friends. Our culture is still developing, and we need talented, good humans from different backgrounds to come and shape it with us.

Imagination gives us the power to create worlds that never were. From a single bolt to an entire universe, help us shape the land, skies, and stars of our original IP.

We’re looking for an exceptional engineer and a game designer in one - a passionate, lifelong gamer who wants to be on the front lines of game development. You’ll mind meld with our world class design team to create our new IP.

We need someone who can bring characters to life - and breathe life into legends.