Senior Gameplay Engineer

Bonfire is looking for a Multi-Classed Engineer/Game Designer to be on the frontline of our new IP.

We need someone who is as comfortable brainstorming designs as implementing them - a lifelong gamer, who understands the nuances of good gameplay from the player's perspective. You will have a huge impact on our first game, so if you've ever dreamed of creating a game, and a company, from the ground up, please tell us about yourself.

At Bonfire, everyone is an owner. We offer competitive salaries, benefits, and equity.

The Multi-Classed Engineer Knows:
  • Gameplay that “feels” right to players is just as important as a well architected system
  • Iteration requires a spirit that embraces ambiguity and the sacrifice of sacred cows
  • If a system doesn’t play right, it’s not done until it does
  • Working with design means being flexible in finding the answer that feels right, then implementing a rock solid solution that can be maintained for years
The Basics:
  • We assume that this person will have at least 7 years experience working on gameplay and gameplay systems in shipped games, but they will likely have more
  • The ideal candidate will have worked on least two AAA titles as a gameplay engineer
  • Games are created by teams, not by individuals. We need people with excellent communication skills, who can clearly explain difficult technical concepts - and their tradeoffs - to artists and designers
  • In Bonfire’s non-hierarchical, self-directed environment, being able to take the lead and work independently is just as important as experience in team collaboration
  • We are looking for someone with a strong passion for one or more of the following design areas: gameplay controls, tuning and balance, combat and abilities, itemization
The ideal candidate is an expert in one or more of these skills:
  • Gameplay systems design and implementation
  • AI system design and implementation
  • Path planning and routing, with a deep understanding of the A* algorithm
  • Implementing character motion/movement models, particularly on a networked multiplayer game
  • Game camera implementation
  • Network models and implementation for multiplayer games
  • Procedural content generation techniques
  • Animation systems and animation blending
  • Physics/gameplay integration

Be part of the foundation of Bonfire, and be part of of a close knit team that's focused on early stage multiplayer game development. You will have a huge impact on our first game, as you work with our small team of artists, designers, and engineers.

Thank you for considering Bonfire, we look forward to learning more about you.

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