Senior Graphics Engineer

Bonfire Studios is searching for a Senior Graphics Engineer to help us create a visual experience unlike anything that’s been seen before.

Software engineers bring dreams to life through code. This requires mind melding with the team to understand what needs to be built, embarking on a quest to find the right abstractions to represent the system, then executing to make it a reality. You must be able anticipate the needs of the team, facilitate fast iteration, and deliver rock solid stability with high scalability.

Skills and Experience
  • Minimum 5 years experience working on rendering, lighting and shading for a real-time engine
  • At least one AAA title where one of your primary responsibilities was rendering and graphics
  • Expert with 3D math and graphics algorithms
  • Excellent communication skills. We need someone who can clearly explain difficult technical concepts, and their tradeoffs, to artists and designers
  • Extensive experience identifying, diagnosing, and resolving bottlenecks on the CPU and GPU
  • Experience in team collaboration as well as experience taking the lead and working independently
  • Experience with procedural generation techniques and noise functions (share your Shadertoy demos with us)
  • Experience developing workflows and tools to get environments, character models, and animations into the game engine
  • Experience developing game systems or working on technology not specifically related to graphics
  • Experience with third-party engines such as Unity or Unreal
  • Experience with profiling tools such as RenderDoc or NVIDIA Nsight

You will have a huge impact on our first game, as you work with our small team of artists, designers, and engineers. Be part of the foundation of Bonfire, and be part of of a close knit team that's focused on early stage multiplayer game development.

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