Level Designer

The level designer has a massive influence on the player experience. You are an architect, set designer, puppeteer and a storyteller, all in one. You will be defining the gameplay potential of the environment: everything from how the player moves through it, to what monsters and challenges lie in store, and even what treasure awaits.

As a level designer at Bonfire, you will have ownership of all areas of the level, from grey boxing, to iterating, to gameplay flow, to monster and object placement. You are doing layout, level scripting, combat design, environmental storytelling, and AI iteration. Because of this, this is not an entry level design position. We need someone with experience in all parts of level design, and a passion for creating 3D spaces.

We would love to see some of your work, so make sure to include some links, or a portfolio.

Skill Check
  • You have at least 5 years experience designing levels for multiplayer games
  • You have experience with level editors in engines like Unity, Unreal, or similar
  • You have AAA experience, but most importantly, you have worked on at least one major project from beginning to end. We need someone who has seen the full pipeline so they can help create our own pipelines and best practices
  • You have experience creating multiplayer environments, with an emphasis on interior architecture
  • You can clearly communicate and document your designs
A little something extra
  • Scripting experience in languages like Lua, Blueprints or C#
  • Experience developing co-op and competitive gameplay
  • Familiarity with 3D modeling software such as Maya or SketchUp
  • A degree in art, architecture, or other types of design
  • Experience in other areas of game design including UX, combat, AI, and Narrative
  • Experience designing for procedurally generated environments

We all remember landing that perfect ambush in Dust 2; entering Stormwind for the first time; dropping into Erangle with 100 other players; and of course, surviving the labyrinth in Dark Souls. These are the moments we want you to help us build at Bonfire - moments that friends will share for years to come.

Any information you submit is used for recruiting purposes only, and is never shared. You can learn more in our privacy policy.

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