Gameplay Engineer

We’re looking for an exceptional engineer and a game designer in one - a passionate, lifelong gamer who wants to be on the front lines of game development. You’ll mind meld with our world class design team to create our new IP.

We are a well funded startup founded by 20-year industry veterans. You’ll have equity in the company and a massive voice in our project and our direction.

Bonfire is a non-hierarchical, self-directed environment, so it’s essential that you can be an excellent collaborator while also being able to take the lead and work independently. If you’re ready to leave the big, hierarchical companies and get back to the real work of making games, while becoming a true owner in your own AAA studio, please reach out.

Skill Check
  • At least 5 years experience working on gameplay and gameplay systems, though you will likely have more
  • A great design sense. Tell us about the board game you built, the D&D campaign you run, the mods you made to your favorite game
  • At least 3 of your professional years will have been spent on AAA. We need someone who can identify and deliver a high level of polish
  • Games are created by teams, not by individuals. We need people with excellent communication skills, who can clearly explain difficult technical concepts - and their trade offs - to artists and designers
We're looking for an expert in one of these areas:
  • Networking - Do you have a deep understanding of prediction and correction? Are you excited by packing bits? Writing custom interpolation code?
  • Physics - Have you written your own character physics system? Do you care deeply about surface contact modification? Do you know your GJKs like your ABCs? 
  • Animation - Do you love pushing the bounds of procedural animation? Have you implemented motion matching? Have you built tools that explode animator capabilities?
  • AI - Are obstacle avoidance and pathfinding second nature? Have you implemented your own GOAP? Do you know how to apply machine learning to enemy AI?

Be part of the foundation of Bonfire, and be part of of a close knit team that's focused on early stage multiplayer game development. You will have a huge impact on our first game, as you work with our small team of artists, designers, and engineers.

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