Senior Software Engineer, Backend + UI

Bonfire Studios is a highly collaborative, cross-disciplinary environment where every developer’s voice shapes the company, the game, and the tasks we work on each day. When we welcome players into our multiplayer, team-based, competitive game, we want to invite them into an end-to-end player experience that’s compelling, exciting, and engaging. We’re looking for an experienced engineer who is passionate about collaborating and iterating with our world-class development team to help us bring that experience to life.

About the Role
  • You will use your keen eye for good game design, high quality bar, and data-oriented design approach to stand up end-to-end platform, social, and meta-progression features, translating creative visions into technical realities that allow content creators to iterate using tools with minimal engineering intervention.
  • You'll be developing features, tools and technology leveraging Unity’s new Data-Oriented Tech Stack in C#, microservices in GoLang, and UI in Blend/XAML. Your additional experience in other platforms, programming languages, and scripting technologies will be appreciated and put to good use.
  • Your main focus will be on meta-game features, UI, the gameplay systems and data powering the user interfaces you build, and overall user experience. You will drive end-to-end features, understanding and shaping the design, standing up the system architecture needed to bring it to life in-game, gathering feedback from engineers, content creators, and players and utilizing it to iterate and refine your work.
  • You'll wear many hats, have ample opportunity to utilize your prior experience shipping multiplayer games, and also be supported in experimenting with new areas of interest to you.
  • Your ultimate impact on the studio will be unbounded; we lean on each other's passions and embrace one another's unique perspectives on game development to help us all grow as a team together. You will have many opportunities to contribute to areas of the game and the company outside your core focus.
We're excited about you because you...
  • Believe, as we do, that great games are the product of great teams that put their people first.
  • Want to have a large impact while collaborating with other talented developers in a tight knit AAA studio, rolling up your sleeves and using your passions and interests to shape your role at the company.
  • Thrive on collaboration and communicate well with developers of all disciplines.
  • Are open, humble, eager, and excited about learning and contributing in multiple areas of the studio. Your curiosity propels you to jump in and dive deep on new problems.
  • Clearly articulate engineering architectural designs and tradeoffs with fellow engineers and non-technical developers.
  • Have live multiplayer game experience, and are familiar with building scalable systems and supporting them in a live game setting.
  • Value building trust with the people you work with.
  • Value working with a diverse team and welcome different perspectives.
  • Have a growth mindset and also care about helping others develop.
  • Are as passionate about the creative process and developing games as we are!
You'll love working at Bonfire because we...
  • Have strong values that include transparency, ownership, and trust. We are a people-first studio that also strives for a high bar of excellence in our creations.
  • Celebrate craft expertise because we are a small, tight-knit group of highly experienced game developers who are as passionate about our team as we are our game.
  • Offer opportunities to learn and contribute beyond your focused discipline in areas of interest or passion.
  • Practice candor and feedback, leveling ourselves and each other up in the process.
  • Play games and have fun together, kindling our own love for games and learning about each other.

You can learn more about Bonfire's studio culture, team, benefits, and perks on our website: Any information you submit is used for recruiting purposes only, and is never shared. You can learn more in our privacy policy.

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