Lead 3D Environment Artist

Imagination gives us the power to create worlds that never were. From a single bolt to an entire universe, help us shape the land, skies, and stars of our original IP.

We are looking for a Senior or Lead 3D Environment Artist who understands the difference between "Will anyone notice?" and "If it’s not there - the player will feel it." If you know what we’re getting at, then come work with our close knit team, and have a huge impact on our artistic vision.

The Specifics
  • The most important part of any application is your portfolio. We’re looking for a depth and breadth of work
  • We estimate that the person will have at least 5 years experience in game development, specifically creating levels and/or architectural models, though they will likely have more
  • The ideal candidate has worked on several AAA titles as an environment or level artist. We need someone who has been through the process a few times, so they can help us define our pipelines, tools, and workflow
Skill Check
  • We need someone with experience creating game ready assets, taking them into engine to build levels, then creating both interior and exterior lighting
  • You need to be proficient in Maya or 3ds Max and have knowledge of tools such as Substance Designer/Painter, Photoshop and ZBrush
  • You must know how to texture using both procedural and painted techniques, using a PBR workflow
A little something extra
  • An understanding of technical game art theory (polycount, optimization, texel density) and traditional art theory (form, shape language, color)
  • Knowledge of modularity for efficient level building
  • Knowledge of post processing and fine tuning of assets to improve look of level
  • Experience using Substance Designer/Painter
  • Experience in concept art, lighting, or VFX

Bonfire is a start-up with a flat hierarchy. We aim to give everyone the creative freedom to do their best work, without a bunch of rules and bureaucracy in the way. We are creating a company and a world from scratch, and we need someone excited to build both. We can also offer something that most companies can’t - our equity packages mean everyone at Bonfire is an owner.

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