FX Artist

Be our founding FX artist and show us the magic in our brand new IP.

You possess the spellbinding FX secrets which are not fully understood. You give the spark to the flame, the wind to the storm, and the mighty force behind every explosion. You wield a special type of magic - and we want you to be our first FX artist!

You’ll create brilliant real-time FX using Photoshop, Maya, and in-game FX systems, and you’ll handcraft visual effects for real-time game assets. You’ll also be taking care of our technical setup, integration, and troubleshooting of FX in a real-time game engine. 

Be part of the foundation of Bonfire, and be part of a close knit team focused on early stage multiplayer game development. You will have a huge impact on our first game, as you work with our small team of artists, designers, and engineers.

The most important thing is your reel - we can’t wait to see what you can do.

Skill Check
  • You can create dynamic or rigid body simulations
  • You’re proficient with 3D graphics, particle systems, physics, ribbons, etc
  • You have a good working knowledge of rendering engines (Unreal, Unity etc)
  • You’ve worked with lead artists to ensure timely completion of FX assets
  • We estimate the person will have, at the very least, 5 years experience in game development or film, and will have shipped at least one AAA project
  • Bonfire is a non-hierarchical, self-directed environment, so it’s essential that you can be an excellent collaborator while also being able to take the lead and work independently
A Little Something Extra
  • Experience with Houdini
  • Experience authoring custom materials and graphics shaders
  • Scripting experience in Lua, Python, etc.
  • Skill in one or more related disciplines – illustration, modeling, animation, or technical art

If you’re ready to leave the big, hierarchical companies while becoming a true owner in your own AAA studio, please reach out.

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